Space Lanes

Here's a link to an intriguing article on invisible corridors through space caused by the gravitational influence between celestial bodies.


The ideas this phenomena has inspired have already been put to use by Science Fiction writers, but the article points out that although these corridors provide great fuel efficiency, the travel they provide is very slow.


It's another thought-provoking fact about space and an addition to my short list of knowledge about the invisible energies that fill what we may think of as a space that is empty, void. There's really a lot going on out there. When we look up into our sky, there's so much we cannot see with our eyes. But we can comprehend more of it with our minds now. And maybe feel it if we close our eyes.

And, most profoundly to me, we can infer there is infinitely more than the few dazzling things we have learned about the universe. It makes me think that anyone who thinks they are sure about what exists or does not exist are to be taken with a huge grain of proverbial salt.